Turbo for Nintendo Switch

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Turbo for Nintendo Switch
Turbo for Nintendo Switch - KontrolFreek
Turbo for Nintendo Switch - KontrolFreek
Turbo for Nintendo Switch

Switch the way you play with KontrolFreek Turbo. This Performance Thumbstick™ set is specifically designed to create an all-new gaming experience on Nintendo Switch. Simply press and twist Turbo onto your Joy-Con thumbsticks to provide additional height, surface area and grip.

Designed specifically to support the Switch gamer, Turbo adds 83% more surface area to standard Joy-Con thumbsticks to significantly improve comfort while gaming.

    Product Specs

    Left Stick

    Left Stick:

    Height: 4.44mm, Spiral
    On demand Grip

    Right Stick

    Right Stick:

    Height: 4.44mm, Spiral
    On demand Grip

    From the Experts:

    - Increases surface area by 83% over standard Joy-Con thumbsticks 

    - Spiral pattern adapts to the pressure you put on it for enahnced grip and comfort

    – Two concave thumbsticks that add 4.4 mm of height, maximizing your mobility and control

    – Proprietary rubber compound enhances grip and reduces slip

    – Available in Neon Red/Blue or Black color scheme to match your Switch

    Switch the way you play with KontrolFreek Turbo. Designed to support the Switch gamer, Turbo adds 83% more surface area to standard Joy-Con thumbsticks to significantly improve comfort while gaming.

    Money Back Guarantee

    30-day money back guarantee

    Feel the difference or your money back

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    Available in most countries worldwide

    Trusted by the pros

    Trusted by the pros

    Approved for tournament use

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    Very comfortable

    This thumbstick is very good, comfortable and it's even far better than the pro controller (who have good thumbstick). But like i see some people say the right Thumbstick for the joycon is too close to the button due to the size. It's not only this kontrolfreek (it also concerns some thumbstick brand) but i use another thumbstick for the right joycon. Appart from that it's almost perfect.


    Perfect but,

    they are a little hard to put on and they get in the way of the (-) and (+) buttons. But overall these are perfect for multiplayer games like splatoon 2 and fortnite because it makes you aim better and it feels more comfortable than having the small default analogs.



    The tiny nub of a thumb stick the Switch Joy-Cons have hurt after long sessions. With the additional surface area these thumb grips offer, I can comfortably play however long I want.


    If you can install them correctly they're AMAZING.

    So I picked these up, naturally being the last product I snatched it up and have been wanting them for a while. One downside is that it doesn't really give you any instructions on installing them correctly. I tried snapping them on like the Xbox ones that I have and it just didn't seem right...one lip was bending the rubber on the side of the stick and when I looked up how to do it properly because they weren't flush and if it is able to snap off while playing a game that obviously meant something want right. So one official instructions said to twist the thumb grip on, while a different one said nothing about twisting it, saying they are made to quickly snap on and off which as I stated wasn't right. I'm about to go try the twisting on method and see if it solves my problem. But overall I've used someone switch with them installed correctly and it is a much better experience. I feel like I'm actually able to be more precise and it's a better gaming experience when you go to make a wide turn and your not just slowly pressing in one direction and moving the stick ever so slightly.


    Constructive Criticism

    The good: I like them. They are very comfortable, and wide enough to ease pressure off your thumb when you are in an intense battle (Like splatoon 2! :) ). I find that the base thumbstick is very small and can actually cut into your fingers when you are actively moving them for extended periods, so these thumbstick grips are definitely as advertised, they ease the sting usually associated with certain remotes. They look nice; I have the black switch and remotes so it offsets them nicely and go well with my case. They were very easy to install, and for casual games they do the trick. The bad: If you happen to get heated in a game and press a little too hard on the wrong side, they simply pop off with no effort whatsoever. I attempted this multiple times to see if maybe I simply hadn't seated them properly, even going so far as to use tweezers to press the rubber beneath the plastic lips of the teeth. My only solution for this would be to actually super glue them on since I like them so much, but it is an expensive controller. Maybe in the future, use a different design in regards to your method of seating the actual product. With the joycon thumbstick already being somewhat rubbery- the plastic teeth that fit it down snugly are actually a weakness rather than a strength. Consider scrapping the plastic piece and simply use it as a sort of wide rubber cap- rubber doesn't slip easily if at all on other rubber products. Overall, I like the product, and its a great means of protecting the tops of your thumbstick if that is a concern.

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